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Wine From A Box? Yes Please.

Really Good Boxed Wine puts ultra premium California wine into affordable (and more sustainable) packaging, meaning more wine in your glass and more money in your pocket.

Interdisplinary artist Darrell McKinney admires the artful design of Really Good Boxed Wine.


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Wine from a box has long gotten a bad rap, no thanks to to countless times one has seen frat boys slapping wine bladders; Soroity girls taking turns chugging Franzia by the spout (...or was that just me?).

So when I first saw a box of Really Good Boxed Wine, I was skeptical. I've drunk hundreds of bottles of wine from California, Oregon, and Washington, but never have I drunk wine from a box or bag that sparked any type of joy or reason to speak to its value and quality.

But, after trying Really Good Boxed Wine's 2019 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, I'll be the first to admit that you just can't judge a wine by its box. In fact, Really Good Boxed Wine has opened my eyes to the fact that it was never the box that made my boxed wine experiences less plesant, but the actual wine itself. Shocking, right?

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How Much Is Really Good Boxed Wine?

One box of Really Good Boxed Wine is equal to four 750ml bottles. At $65 per box, that is $16.25 per bottle before shipping if traditionally bottled. The wine produced for Really Good Boxed Wine is produced by vinters who would sell that similarly produced wine for around $30 - $40. With that math, all I see are the savings. Also, if getting a good deal is what you live for, signing up for one of their subscriptions gets you 10% off all wine boxes, plus exclusive access to future limitied releases to come.

Want a really sweet deal on Really Good Boxed Wine? Use promo code "REFOBALICIOUS" for 15% off your first boxed wine or subscription order! (code good for new customers only)

Darrell Mckinney & J.D. Terry discuss their first impressions of Really Good Boxed Wine.

The team behind Really Good Boxed WIne believes that "Really good wine is about how it's made and where it comes from, not what it's in". The 2019 Cabernet Saviginon I tried was produced from grapes grown in Paso Robles wine region. If unfamiliar, Paso Robles is one of the fastest growing wine regions in California, home to over 300 wineries and home to some of the most sought after and most popurlar wines in the country (For a complete guide to Paso Robles wine regions, check out DRIVE THROUGH™ PASO ROBLES by Paul Hodgins, Kathy Lajvardi, and Naushad Huda on Amazon). Really Good Boxed Wine's team of sommeliers sources, tastes, and selects from top vineyards and winemakers, creating high quality wine that you and your friends would't believe came from a box.

Should You Buy Really Good Boxed Wine?

It was that moment after my first few sips when I realized that Really Good Boxed Wine was onto something special. It's design is perfect for travelling and popping open at a party, on a rooftop patio, or (discreetly) on the beach. It's tasty enough to enjoy as a pairing with a gourmet dinner, and priced affordably enough to be an everyday table wine to indulge after a long day before bed. Plus, the wine will stay fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening, but I doubt it will take you or myself that long to finish it all.

If you like to try new wines on occasion, I highly encourage you to give Really Good Boxed Wine a shot. They currently have three different wines available, each from different respectable Californian wine-growing regions. They also ship throughout the United States, giving some of us outside of California a taste of the Golden State. Cheers!

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