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Justin Oba

Culinary Tour Guide and Seattle Foodie

 Raised in Tacoma, WA since I was 3 months old, I was adopted by my maternal Taiwanese grandmother and her Japanese/Hawaiian husband when my mother couldn’t take care of me. Since I was a kid, I’ve always had a wide range of tastes and an indiscriminate palette. My grandmother would cook various Taiwanese and Chinese food. From golden fried tofu to steamed bok choy and other greens, to fermented and pickled items of deliciousness. My dad, raised on the island of Oahu, makes the best-fried rice around. Breakfast was typically either Spam, eggs, and rice or a bowl of instant ramen with or without the soup. It's safe to say that food was the subject of some of my fondest memories of childhood and even more so as a teenager and young adult.


Restaurants soon became part of some of my most memorable experiences. Sitting around a table with friends, enjoying food and drinks was how I connected with friends while visiting away from college; it was how I connected with people I just met and how I kindled new relationships. I appreciate the ambiance that a restaurant can provide. Nothing is better than a warm, comfy space where you feel welcomed and served with great hospitality and care.

Obalicious was a nickname I picked up in college (IYKYK), and thought it was a perfect word to use to describe my hunger and feelings for travel, food, and entrepreneurship. 


Tour Guide


Soooooo awesome! Justin was great!! The tour was the best way to experience the market, and you will be sooo full by the end. The area is so much fun and a ton to do around after the tour. Tour guide gives a lot of history of Pike Place, and the community theme of the tour really brought our "ohana" closer!! Thanks Justin, next time we are in Seattle I will be looking up the booze tour!!

- Jessi, Ripon, CA

... I seized the opportunity to go on one of these tours during my recent trip a week ago. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from the tour leader,Justin, reminding me of the tour! I never expected such personalized service from them, which makes you feel special. When our group got together and introductions were made, Justin finally got our tour off and running. He possessed a lot of knowledge about the market's history, and shared with us some little known facts about some of the merchants who set up shop there. But most of all, Justin was funny, quick-witted and very personable, taking time to answer a lot of questions from his audience. 

- Cycle_Logical, Victoria, BC

My cousin and I thoroughly enjoyed this food tour of Pike Place Market yesterday afternoon which was part of her birthday present from me that I was nervous would be a bust. Thankfully, that was not the case and our expectations were actually exceeded thanks to our brilliantly entertaining and jovial tour guide, Justin.  

My cousin and I have lived in Seattle for almost 16 years and have spent a lot of time enjoying the bounty of the market so it was nice to know that there was so much more to the market that we didn't know about already.  Justin was full of information and interesting facts that we would have never known about had we not taken this tour....
Thank you again, Justin!!!  You deserve an award for best tour guide of the year!!!  Keep up the quality work and don't ever stop sharing your food-loving passion.  Your enthusiasm for "onolicious" food is very infectious and much appreciated!!!

- Vicki, Seattle, WA