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Ex-Bunsoy Chef Rhabbie Coquia is Cooking in a Farmhouse on Bainbridge Island and You're Invited.

The 4-course dinner is part of the "Chef in the Garden" series at Heyday Farm.

Photo of Justin Oba and Chef Rhabbie Coquia posing together holding up shaka with their hands in front of a restaurant.
Me and Chef Rhabbie Coquia in Ballard, Aug 2021.

Another day, another awesome pop-up dinner in the Pacific Northwest! Filipino chef Rhabbie Coquia will be the guest chef at Heyday Farm's "Chef in the Garden" dinner series on Wednesday, August 31st from 6-9PM.

The event is part of a dinner series hosted by Heyday Farm that features a rotating guest Chef - this time is Chef Rhabbie - where guests get to enjoy a walk-through Heyday Farm's Garden, then enjoy a 4-course menu inspired by the farm and its ingredients. Chef Rhabbie will be cooking with the talented Chef Tadao Mitsui, Executive Chef at Heyday Farm.

According to the event page:

We will greet guests with a welcoming sip and bite while taking a leisurely walk through the gardens. Chef Rhabbie and Tadao will share ties to farming and the Peninsula's bounty. Guests will then be invited to sit at community tables on the patio and in our historic farmhouse dining room to enjoy a 4-course meal inspired by the abundance of the farm.

Tickets are $95 (plus tax and gratuity) and will include a glass of champagne upon arrival and the 4-course meal. Additional drinks will be available to purchase on-site, and a vegetarian option will be available upon request (however, no substitutions can be made).

Chefs Tadao Mitsui and Zoi Antonitsas.

My Take:

This dinner event has a lot going for it.

For one, Chef Rhabbie is an incredibly talented chef. I first met Chef Rhabbie as a tour guide at Savor Seattle Food Tours. I'd run into the kitchen at Etta's at Pike Place Market, and more often than not Rhabbie was there on the line, plating the last few Dungeness Crab Cakes just in time to serve them hot to my guests on tour. His attention to detail, timing and awareness on the line seriously made me look good to my tour guests, because those crab cakes were always made with perfection and love. Guests said they could literally taste it!

If you missed out on all the Bunsoy action over the last five months, this will definitely be a much better experience to enjoy. From what I've read and heard, I expect this dinner event will be a much more intimate of an experience, and a perfect space to explore this chef's creativity and connection with his ingredients.

While I don't know much about Heyday Farm, flipping through their Instagram and Facebook pages showed that they have a deep connection with the land, what they grow, and the culinary community in the Pacific Northwest.

For example, the fist Chef in the Garden event, held on August 18th, featured Top Chef-alum and Food & Wine's Best New Chef 2015 Zoi Antonitsas. If this farm is bringing in all-star chefs like Zoi, then color me impressed and count me in!

Bainbridge Island is easily accessible from Seattle by ferry or by around the other side from Kitsap County. If you can swing it, treat this event as one of your last outings for the Summer and make a day out of it. There is plenty of things to do and see on Bainbridge Island and is a worthy road trip around the Puget Sound.

Plus, get to experience what Chef Rhabbie does best: Serve joy to all those eating his food.

To learn more about Heyday Farm and future events, visit their website.

To learn more about Chef Rhabbie Coquia, follow him on Instagram.

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