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  • Justin Oba

Seattle Favorite Katsu Burger Is Testing Plant-Based Katsu Chicken... And I'm All For It

The TiNDLE Classic Katsu Burger is available now for a limited time at the restaurant's Lynnwood location.

Katsu Burger Logo
What started as Katsu Burger's "Original" location in Georgetown has since grown into 8 locations.

Seattle's beloved Katsu Burger has recently announced that a new meat-free katsu burger is being tested at its Lynnwood location, and is available this weekend only for just $5!

According to a post on Katsu Burger's Facebook page, the "TiNDLE Classic Katsu Burger" will be available starting Thursday, August 18th until Sunday, August 21st.

The sandwich is swapping out its signature katsu-fried chicken cutlet for TiNDLE, a new plant-based chicken alternative by Next Gen Foods.

What's TiNDLE?

According to TiNDLE's website, TiNDLE is made from plants and tastes as well as looks very much like chicken from birds. TiNDLE can be deep-fried, pan-fried, grilled, sauteed, battered and coated, and molded into shape.

Photo of Plant-based Katsu Burger from SOIL Vegan Cafe in Amersterdam.
TiNDLE Katsu Burge, SOIL Vegan Cafe, AMS.. Image courtesy of TiNDLE.

This versatility allows chefs to get really creative in the kitchen, allowing them to re-create some of their favorite meat-heavy dishes into plant-based versions, something Katsu Burger can definitely use to expand their menu and customer base.

TiNDLE is currently produced in Europe and is available in over 500 restaurants across the globe. It has recently gained more popularity here in the US, having just landed a major deal to partner with Veggie Grill, where TiNDLE will be available nationwide at more than 30 Veggie Grill restaurant locations across the country.

TiNDLE chicken in itself is suitable for vegans but does contain soy and gluten for those with dietary allergens. However, it's unclear whether Katsu Burger's version will be vegan-friendly or not, based on the bun, toppings, and sauces used.

My Take

A plant-based burger at one of my favorite Seattle burger joints is something that I personally find very exciting since it has been a struggle finding places where both my girlfriend (vegan & Gluten-free) and I (omnivore) can enjoy the tastes and preferences we individually crave, together.

The TiNDLE Classic Katsu Burger will unfortunately only be available at the restaurant's Lynnwood location this weekend, however, who knows - maybe with enough positive response, they will decide to give it a more permanent spot on their menu and spread it across its other 8 locations across King County and Snohomish County.

The restaurant has previously held a "Meatless Monday" promotion in the past, served a Beyond katsu Burger featuring katsu-fried Beyond Beef, Though I am unsure if this item is currently available at any of their locations.

Regardless, this just shows that Katsu Burger - like many other restaurants across the Pacific Norwest and beyond -has started to see the value of adding more plant-based items to its menus.

I plan on visiting this weekend to try out this sandwich myself and will update this article with pictures and my impressions.


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