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13 Travel Accessories to Pack if You're Planning to Get Away This Fall

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Add These New Travel Essentials To Your Packing List for the Ultimate Vacation

If you're like me - vaccinated, bored, and itching to get back to travel - then you're ready to get out of town. I'm gearing up to travel to El Paso and Maui, Hawaii next month for two separate wedding events, meaning planning ahead to make sure I have everything I need to have fun and still be a productive content creator while on vacation is crucial.

However, historically I've always been a last-minute packer. I'm not proud of it, and always tell myself I'll do better next time, yet I always end up doing the same last-minute rally to pack everything in 10 minutes. The reality is that I usually end you buying a few things while traveling (it is always toothpaste or mouthwash for me), and I feel that I'm not the only one.

So after much trial and error, as well as some detailed searches on Amazon, I have found thirteen essential travel accessories for any travel itinerary and for any season. Whether traveling domestically or abroad, I guarantee you'll find one of the items listed below useful.

TORRAS L3 Series Portable Neck Fan

If you're planning to travel to Southeast Asia or any humid destination, be sure to pack this portable neck fan. We had a 100+ degree heatwave this summer in Washington and the Torras neck fan saved my life. With no air conditioning in sight, this fan kept my girlfriend and I from melting in the heat. This fan is lightweight and quiet, so you can take it with you anywhere. There are also three power settings that provide a blast of cooling relief even in the hottest climates. My favorite feature is the USB charging function of the fan. I love that I don't have to store and carry batteries like older types of neck fans. Plus with only a 20 min charging time I was able to use it all day. I highly recommend the Torras neck fan for anyone traveling in a hotter climate. It is great for backpacking, hiking, and those long hot bus rides while traveling abroad. Do yourself a favor and stay cool while you're on the go with this lifesaver.

Quickflip 2-in-1 Reversible Backpack Windbreaker

If you're a fan of the TV show Shark Tank, then you might recognize the brand behind this awesome windbreaker jacket that can instantly turn into a drawstring backpack. QuickFlip was created by Rener Gracie, A third-generation jiu-jitsu master of the Gracie family. Since his first product, the Hero Hoodie, the apparel brand's catalog has grown significantly to include windbreakers and more. I recommend this windbreaker because it's suitable for any season and climate, making it especially durable since it can double as a drawstring bag when needed or if you get too hot. Its style meets function, and I'm all in!

Intoval Wireless Charging Station

One of the worst things about traveling is trying to gather and pack all the cords and wires needed to charge all your gadgets and devices. If you are an Android user, this all-in-one docking station is perfect for you. A lot of places abroad don't have the same access to electrical outlets as the US, and it can be a pain for a traveler with electronics to charge everything they have. The Intoval wireless charging station can charge your phone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds all at once, so you don't have to waste time looking for multiple outlets. Just plug this charging station in and go to bed knowing you can start your day with your devices ready to go.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important on any trip. I couldn't tell you how many reusable water bottles I've lost while traveling - I've even left and lost a few in my own city of Seattle! That's why I love this collapsible water bottle by Nomader. It holds up to 22 oz. of liquid and is BPA-free. The Nomader can be rolled up and comes with a clip for compact storage. The water bottle is super lightweight, ideal for backpackers, and means that you can pack more than one if traveling in a group. The Nomader collapsible water bottle's unique design, functionality, and cool color choices definitely stand out for me as an obvious essential travel accessory.

Cheetah Universal Translator Device

Yes, Google Translate is free - but do you really want to be handing your phone to a stranger, let alone when visiting a new city or country where you don't speak the language? The Cheetah Universal Translator Device is an affordable, compact, and easy to clean alternative anyone traveling abroad will find handy. The Cheetah's sleek design and usability make it the practical option when you need to get an accurate translation fast. Trust me, you do not want confusion when asking a question like " Where is the bathroom?' or "What am I eating?". Things can get uncomfortable while traveling, and having a way to effectively communicate your needs is crucial, especially considering ever-changing COVID-19 regulations. The Cheetah Universal Translator Device makes translating a breeze, getting you the answers you need accurately and fast.

Reusable Wooden Bamboo Utensil Set

This is what we know: Plastics are out, renewable/reusable/sustainable is in. Metal straws and utensils are great to use, but packing them in your carry-on can mean trouble with the TSA. Plus, it defeats the purpose of owning them if you must check them in and can't use them to get your grub on at the airport bar & grill. You will NEVER have that problem with a set made of bamboo. This set's stylish bag brings the cool factor when it comes to using your own cutlery, and doing so will help reduce our society's reliance on plastics.

Reusable Memo Notebook

Vacation or not, having a handy notebook on hand is great for jotting down those great ideas or directions to a killer bar. This reusable notebook comes with a pen with its own eraser and sticker tabs to help you organize any notes or thoughts. Sure, you can use a phone, but there is something more tactile and permanent when you write it down.

Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

If you're a Sony Mirrorless camera owner like myself, you might initially balk at the thought of using a small instant print camera like this one from Kodak. But the reality is, is that this camera is super fun to have around! The Kodak Printomatic is a fraction of the cost of your DSLR while still delivering excellent quality images and prints. Accidents happen when traveling, and I would much rather replace this than the DSLR camera that I use for work. The real fun in using this camera is its digital instant printing capability. Users can customize images with filters, set timers, and use other fantastic features to create truly unique image prints, turning any moment into a great memory. You can save and share photos as well, letting your friends anywhere in the world join in on the fun. My advice: Go to the bar and bring this camera. Buy drinks and make new friends. Pull out this camera and make memories for you and your new friends to carry for a lifetime. Cheers!

Stow-N-Go Travel Luggage Organizer

I suck when it comes to unpacking on a trip, and I'm sure I ain't the only one. The Stow-N-Go is awesome because it allows you to pack your clothing on shelves that can be compressed down into a smaller bag to pack into your luggage suitcase. When you make it to your destination, simply unpack by hanging your shelves in the closet or wherever is most convenient. The Stow N- Go is a huge time saver and really helps you keep all your belongings organized, perfect for backpackers, frequent travelers, and flight crews. Save space and save time with this awesome travel organizer.

Lewis N. Clark Drawstring Travel Shoe Bags

You don't know how many times I've wished I had something like these to pack my shoes. The number of times I took a chance by trying to carefully pack my shoes in my luggage, only to result in some unnecessary stains on my shirts or pants because of contact with the bottom of my shoes - drives me insane. These bags are perfect for protecting both shoes and your other clothing from getting dirty by contact. These bags look stylish and large enough to cover shoe sizes 12 and lower.

Disposable Airplane Tray Covers

One of the things that COVID-19 has made people do is be more conscious of things and items you might touch every day that has been also used by others, leaving bacteria and whatever else in contact. An airplane is no exception, and one of the worst things to touch when on-board is the fold-down meal trays. Sanitizer can only do so much, so why not just cover it up! These covers completely fit standard size trays and come with stickers to help size down on smaller trays.

Solar Power Bank and Charger

One thing is for sure when traveling - don't run out of battery life on your cell phone, especially when relying on it for directions or transport. This amazing power bank carries over 30000Kah, meaning it can fast charge a next-generation phone twice over and still have some juice to keep another device alive. The power bank comes with a built-in emergency flashlight, panels for solar charging, and features Qi wireless charging, so no need to bring your cell phone charger cord. An absolute must for any traveler, backpacker, or adventurer.

Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds

I know you think your Air Pods are the best, but how often do they fall out? And how would you feel if they were lost or stolen? I don't like to take chances, especially if that chance might mean spending another $150+ to replace. Instead, these earbuds by Beats will cost you only a fraction of that price. You'll be rewarded with up to 12 hours of continuous quality sound that the brand is known for, and its around-the-neck design and magnetic earbuds will deter you from misplacing them at the pool or bar. USB-C charging allows for fast and easy charging, meaning less delay on finishing up your latest audible listen or latest podcast episode. The Beats Flex Wireless Earbuds are honestly not just my go-to travel earbuds, but my absolute favorite wireless earbuds I've purchased to date.

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