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Welcome to OBALICIOUS!


My name is Justin Oba and welcome to my blog, OBALICIOUS.

This blog's intent is to create content that will inspire/educate/entertain curious eaters on some of the best food, drink and dining experiences coming out of Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and with more and more people moving in, it means the market for feeding all these people is growing too. This is perfect for food entrepreneurs who inspire to provide the best food and service to the region. I hope to highlight these

awesome spots for both locals and those new to Seattle. I believe there is something very authentic about how food and drink can bring people from all walks of life to have meaningful, intentional experiences, and this site intends to share that with you.

What is "Obalicious"?

"Obalicious" is a play on words, combining my last name "Oba" and "Onolicious" which describes delicious tasting food in Hawaiian pidgin. On my food tours, I often use Ono or Onolicious as a “code word” for food they must try before leaving town. Combined, this word is really an extension of myself; a person who is brave, truthful, and unselfish, and loves to provide others with the best recommendations to eat and drink. So feel free to use the word to refer to me, or even something that may be worth my approval! Trust ,me, you will know something is Obalicious: It's that feeling you get when you eat something so good, tasty and delicious that you just die then resurrect just to eat that dish 6 more times. It is food and drinks that make you shimmy like Shaq!

Obalicious is my stamp of approval for good eats and great times here in the PNW, and hopefully, one day abroad. Don’t be afraid to use it!

Why you should follow and subscribe to Obalicious:

Obalicious is about approaching food in a very authentic, playful, endearing way. I am who I am, and love learning about the people in the kitchen just as much as the story of the food itself. I want to be the conduit to connecting curious eaters with great restaurants and kitchens in the NW, and one day around the U.S. To present dishes and restaurants in a way your best friend/uncle/confidant would recommend a great place to eat. Subscribing to this site is a great way to stay connected to future events and promotions. If possible, make sure to connect with me on Instagram and Twitter (@ObaliciousPNW, respectively)! Use #Obalicious and share with our growing community of eaters, adventurers and friends.

Yall ready?



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